• Who Are My People? Trailer

    “Who Are My People?” is a 1 x 60 (1 hour) television documentary film on the current and controversial topic of the build out of large scale

  • Song on the Water – Promo

    “Song on the Water” takes viewers along with 50 indigenous canoes, their crews, and communities on a modern-day voyage to a traditional potla

  • Unconquering the Last Frontier – Promo

    “Unconquering the Last Frontier” documents the $300MM Elwha River dam removal and ecosystem restoration process, which began in 1992 with the

  • Cine-Ethnography

    “I look at the human sciences as poetic sciences in which there is no objectivity, and I see film as not being objective, and cinema verite as a cinema of lies that depends on the art of telling yourself lies. If you’re a good storyteller then the lie is more true than reality, and if you’re a bad one, the truth is worse than a half lie.”

    ― Jean Rouch

    Contact filmmaker Robert Lundahl for films and campaigns for advocacy and causes at 415.205.3481, or via http://bluecirclebranding.com

    Email robert@bluecirclebranding.com

  • Robert Lundahl Documentary Film Demo

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