• Who Are My People? Trailer

    “Who Are My People?” is a 1 x 60 (1 hour) television documentary film on the current and controversial topic of the build out of large scale

  • Song on the Water – Promo

    “Song on the Water” takes viewers along with 50 indigenous canoes, their crews, and communities on a modern-day voyage to a traditional potla

  • Unconquering the Last Frontier – Promo

    “Unconquering the Last Frontier” documents the $300MM Elwha River dam removal and ecosystem restoration process, which began in 1992 with the

  • Advocacy Cinema and Videos/Campaigns

    Far more than a dry press conference or media advisory, stories have the power to captivate, to move audiences not only to action but to changes of heart and mind.

    The art of holding on to our stories connects us across generations, identities, and geographies.

    We’ve demonstrated how these stories – skillfully conveyed through film and video – elevate the national discussion around critical issues, spur on a new generation of grassroots movements, and drive people to action.

    We create different types of media products for different purposes, from full length documentaries for Public television to short web-length videos that pack big punch.

    Contact Robert Lundahl for films and campaigns for advocacy and causes at 415.205.3481, or via

    Blue Circle Branding

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